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Certified Registered Central Service Technician ( CRCST )

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The Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to provide competent services as a Central Service Technician. The certificate is offered by Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA)
As far as government regulations are concerned, certification is currently required in New Jersey,New York,Connecticut and Tennessee . However, legislation that would require Central Supply technicians to be certified in other states are pending.

Job Outlook for Central Service Technicians

Th Sterile Processor career is in high demand. Because of a rise in the number of surgeries performed, there is an increase in the number of instruments and supplies used for these procedures. Central service is an emerging occupation and will expand as health care becomes more specialized

Central service technicians enjoy good pay with good benefits, a non-stressful work environment, and non-traditional work schedules. This career offers certified technicians the opportunity for advancement.

Hospitals will continue as the primary employer of central service technicians, though some employment growth is expected in offices and clinics of physicians, including ambulatory surgical centers, as well as nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Preparation for the Central Service Technician Certification Exam

You may purchase study materials and study on your own to prepare for the CRCST exam or enroll in a program. Currently, it is not a requirement to attend a formal training, but that may change in the  near future.

Needless to say, our exam practice platform will prepare candidates to sit for the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) and  IAHCSMM certification examinations

Questions on the CRCST exam will be based on these areas:

  • Cleaning, Decontamination, and Disinfection
  • Preparation and Packaging
  • Sterilization Process
  • Patient Care Equipment
  • Sterile Storage and Inventory Management
  • Documentation and Record Maintenance
  • Customer Relations

There will be 150 multiple choice questions on the exam and you will have 180 minutes (3 hours) to complete.

There are hundreds of quality questions enough to cover the knowledge domains upon which the actual questions are based


Currently, Tennessee,Connecticut, New Jersey and New York require certification of central service technicians
While certification is still voluntary in many states, that is rapidly changing over the last few years.
States have been looking to follow the lead of the aforementioned states by requiring certification for Central service techs.
The trend on many career websites indicates a growing number of hospitals and medical facilities have started to make certification a requirement for hiring
On a personal level, being certified gives the technician a competitive advantage as well as a great sense of confidence, accountability and professionalism.
Certified Central service technicians have the potential to improve their salaries as employers may reward certified technicians for their investment in training and certification.
Being certified may enhance technicians opportunity for career growth and advancement.

The time to get certification is now. Why?
While currently sterile processing technicians may acquire certification through self study or informal training that may change in in the future.
Sterile processing technicians may be required to graduate from a an accredited program and pass an exam in order to be employed as a sterile processing technician.
Becoming CSPDT or CRCST certified is a win-win for the technician and the patient as the highest quality of service will be delivered

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