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On February 03, 2024, new questions were added to our database per exam taker’s recommendation.  According to those that practiced with us and passed the actual exam, the feedback was that they believe we have sufficient questions in our database that should guarantee anyone a pass on the real exam.

We thank you for your feedback. Please keep the testimonials coming.

Latest testimony:  I don’t know where to start. I did self-study and went through your practice questions a couple of times.  I passed this morning.  I completed the exam in about one hour.   I thank you guys. Great questions. Tip. Also all my questions were from the 8th edition.   –  Cynthia Mensah. –  February  01, 2024 

Congratulations, Cynthia. We are glad we could help.  –  Admin


I passed my exam this weekend! Your tests were so helpful and similar to the real thing. A really great resource especially for self study folks.   –  Jamie Woolridge:  January 08, 2024 

Yaaaay!.  Congratulations. God should continue to bless you. – Admin


It looks like January 2024 is a good month for our questions and our subscribers. We are receiving lots of testimonies. Big Ups. – Admin


Testimony: I just took the CRCST exam and passed it, can I have my subscription canceled please.   – Svetlana: January 05, 2024 

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Testimony: Thank you for your help. I passed the exam. Please cancel my subscription. Thank You.  – Mei Nitsch: January 02, 2024 

Congratulations Mary. You will not be charged again. Good luck with your career. We wish you nothing but the best. – Admin


Testimony: I thank you so much for your premium exam. its big help in the exam. I really most of it. Thank you so very much again. I ‘m certified sterile technician now! Cheers!.  – Jucel Cabaron: December 9, 2023

We are happy for you, Jucel.  Good luck with your career. Thank you for your testimony – Admin


Testimony: Thank you very much. Your questions helped me to pass. Many questions on Inventory and Regulations’ were  on your practice test.  – Johanna Herrera: December 1, 2023

  • Johanna. congratulations for passing the exam and letting us know how amazing our questions are. –   – Admin

“I passed. Your questions are very good. What I noticed was that the questions on the exam were worded differently from those on your practice test for the same questions. Thank God,  I was able to figure it out – Theresa Mensah: November 29, 2023

Theresa, Thank you so much for letting us know our practice questions were of big help. We are glad you figured out that many of the questions on our website and those on the actual exam were the same but only the wording were different. That is expected   – Admin

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We have added more questions to our practice exams. If you take the test more than once you will likely see more questions and randomized answers.

Please ensure you have correctly answered all our sample questions before you take the real exam. – TIP  

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We strategically create a question and where necessary, provide elaborate answer explanation that will cover all other possible questions that can be asked around that question.  Let’s look at this question and the answer explanation . You will notice the explanation for the question below covers any possible question that will be asked on your exam around laparoscopy.

QUE: Electronic testing of laparoscopic insulation should be done.

A. In the decontamination area prior to cleaning.
B. In the clean assembly area prior to set assembly.
C. At the factory or onsite repair unit.
D. In the Operating Room at the end of the procedure.

1. All laparoscopic and robotic instruments must be properly insulated to prevent unintentional burns to other patient tissue or to members of the surgical team
2. To reduce the risk of thermal burning, insulation on laparoscopic instruments should be visually inspected and checked with an insulation tester every
time the instrument comes through the assembly area of Sterile Processing.
3. Laparoscopic insulation can be tested using a laparoscopic insulation tester which will detect pinholes and tears in the insulation.
4. When inspecting the insulation of a laparoscopic instrument the first step is to check the collar at the distal tip(jaws)

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