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 questions about  IAHCSMM CRCST  test


  • CRCST certificate requirements?

    CRCST certificate requirements

    Candidates are required to successfully demonstrate skills through completion of hands-on work experience
    Successful completion of an examination developed to measure the understanding of general central services and infection prevention topics.
    CRCST certificants are required to recertify annually through completion of continuing education requirements.

    Certification requirements include:

    400 hours of hands on training and a certification exam through IAHCSMM

  • hands-on experience for CRCST certification

    hands-on experience for CRCST certification

    Students who have the CRCST certificate also need 400 hours of hands-on experience to start working

    It is the student’s responsibility to find where they can obtain the 400 hours of hands on experience

  • recommended books for the CRCST exam

    recommended  books for the CRCST exam

    1. IAHCSMM’s Central Service Technical Manual (7th edition)
    2. ANSI/AAMI’s ST79
    3. AORN’s Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices (2013 edition.)

  • Topics covered on the CRCST certification test

    Topics covered on the CRCST certification test

    The CRCST certification as well as the practice exam on our website is developed primarily from seven knowledge domains.

    The outline below is a list of topics that could be included in each test

    Cleaning, Decontamination, and Disinfection (Percentage Weight: 20%)
    Preparation and Packaging (Percentage Weight: 20%)
    Sterilization Process (Percentage Weight: 20%)
    Patient Care Equipment (Percentage Weight: 10%)
    Sterile Storage and Inventory Management (Percentage Weight: 10%)
    Documentation and Record Maintenance (Percentage Weight: 10%)
    Customer Relations (Percentage Weight: 10%)

  • question format for the CRSCT Exam

    question format for the CRSCT Exam

    The questions on the test are mostly multiple-choice and true or false format

    Format 1—Direct question


    What is your supervisor’s date of birth?

    Format 2—Incomplete sentence


    Sterilization temperature cannot be less than…

    Format 3—All of the following except

    True / False Format

  • practice exam website for IAHCSMM CRCST

    practice exam website for IAHCSMM CRCST

    If you are looking for a practice test platform to help you pass the CRCST certification exam on your first attempt, offers you the best chance. The questions, format, look and feel of the test is just like the actual exam.

    CRCSTEXAM.COM  is the best practice exam resource for the IAHCSMM CRCST exam

  • Where to take the CRCST certification test

    Where to take the CRCST certification test

    IAHCSMM certification exams are administered exclusively through Prometric Testing. You can take the examination at the Prometric Testing Center of your choice. Upon completion of the examination your preliminary pass/fail result will be immediately issued at the testing center

  • Can I take the CRCST exam before completing my 400 hours hands-on and vice-versa?

    You do have the option of testing before completing your hours, with the understanding that they must be completed within 6 months of passing your exam. If you choose to test before the completion of your hours you will be granted Provisional Certification upon passing

  • How do I schedule for the CRCST exam?

    schedule for the CRCST exam

    Exam appointments cannot be made with the testing company without first submitting an application and payment to IAHCSMM and then receiving your scheduling letter. Once your exam application has been received and processed by IAHCSMM you will be sent the information necessary to schedule an exam date with Prometric, either by phone or online.

  • Retake the IAHCSMM CRCST exam

    Retake  the IAHCSMM CRCST exam

    An applicant who fails the IAHCSMM  CRCST exam must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before being allowed to retest. The applicant may submit a retake application as soon after testing as they wish, but their eligibility will begin 6 weeks after their last exam date. There is currently no limit to the number of times you may take the test

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